Return to Sender Cover

Atalan Adventures

Return to Sender

Losing their jobs to IT!™ is one thing…
Losing grasp of known reality is another.

Trapped in subspace, the Atalanta Empress floats outside regular space-time — and into the middle of a multidimensional smuggling operation.

It has IT!™’s name written all over it. Seriously, it’s stamped on the boxes.

As captain, Frankie decides to hide from the shenanigans, until the psychic triplets hear from their sister. She’s in trouble, and time — regular time — is of the essence.

Revealing their ship to IT!™ becomes their only option for a speedy rescue. This action could cost them their lives, but continuing to hide could mean possibly losing a triplet, and definitely dying of boredom.

If there were rocks and hard places in subspace, the Atalanta Empress would at least have a view.

The second novella in Atalan Adventures features non-automatic automatic doors, phosphenes, and a blatant disregard for emergency savings.

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