Planetary Pursuit Cover

Atalan Adventures

Planetary Pursuit

Quantum space is a tricky thing, especially if you’re doing the tricking.

Things are looking up for Captain Frankie and the crew of the Atalanta Empress. First, they’ve returned to the mostly empty, vastly limiting, and highly loved regular spacetime. Second, they landed a new job (OK – ganked a new job) to finance their mission to save the triplets’ sister.

However, upon arrival, they find their destination on the auction block, and possibly on the brink of annihilation. The triplet’s disappearance is most definitely related, and the completion of the crew’s job only adds gasoline to the proverbial dumpster fire.

The crew will tackle planetary foreclosures, mathnasiums, and a cursory review of quantum entrapment to pull off a bizarre heist, the likes of which they’ve only seen on syndicated streaming.

The fates of a planet, its moon, and a triplet hang in the balance. On the flip side, if they succeed, this will be THE story they tell for years to come.

Join the Atalan crew for their third adventure, featuring Leebnez math jokes, multilevel asteroid-marketing schemes, and the future history of the Internet.

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