Invasive Festival Invasion Cover

Atalan Adventures

Invasive Festival Invasion

Turns out, owning a planet isn’t as easy as it sounds.

As a new co-owner of Hephaestus, Frankie’s dream of business-as-usual crashes when the planet doesn’t qualify for the Planetary Owners Association (POA), leaving the planet open to many dangers—including unsanctioned music festival companies.

The tribute festival, Pyre Festival, threatens to drown the planet in rainbow-colored hashtags, ruining any chance of POA-approval. The co-owners are desperate, and push Frankie to use her most dangerous and nonsensical ability: X-ray vision.

Can over-stressed Frankie pull herself and her crew together to shut down the festival without the cunning use of radiation? Or will they pass out from drug-accelerated dehydration before they get the chance?

Book Four sets off a new three-part adventure featuring social media dimension Mindspace, rigid compliance to the three-act structure, and a guy named Hashtag.

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