Living It Up at Hotel Beramuda

Atalan Adventures

Living It Up at Hotel Beramuda

When Frankie is abducted in a case of (hopefully) mistaken identity, the Atalanta Empress loses its captain and its crew loses its friend.

First mate Tarke is probably the least-equipped to command a ship – well, except for Gail, but we’re not going there. So it’s no surprise to anyone when they get stranded on the planet Beramuda.

Beramuda is a magnet for struggling ships, and stops for the night tend to drag on longer than anticipated. Will Tarke and her mildly mutinous crew escape the clutches of the Beramuda Triangle, where hardly anyone leaves? Or will Frankie fade to a distant memory on the shores of Kokomo?

Living It Up at Hotel Beramuda is Book 5. It features a folk singer-songwriter, an Intergalactic Police station where everyone knows Tarke’s name, and a commercial-filled episode of Cat the Bounty Hunter.

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