Limburger 9000 Book Cover

Atalan Adventures

Limburger 9000

Whoever smelled it, dealt it.

Against the terms of the Atalan’s lease, Tarke, second-in-command and second-in-sexiness, remains determined to turn the crew into pirates with another great heist. Everyone is against the idea, but what do they know? They’re couriers.

When Tarke gets involved anyway and lands in a big mess, it’s the Atalan crew that has to get her out. Soon, they’re transporting the worst-smelling cheese in the galaxy, Limburger 9000 and remorseful buyers are refusing their repugnant impulse purchases.

With the deliveries upside-down, it’s gouda brie more than a bad day if they can’t cut it. Tarke has put someone from Quaja’s past in grave danger, and the evil galactic corporation is sharpening its steely knives.

Lay down your cheddar to get a whiff of this spectacular Atalan Adventure brought to you by nose blindness, secret husbands, and a PowerPoint presentation with that star swipe transition.

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