Rats and Bolts Cover

Atalan Adventures

Destiny Stuff

Use the Force, Tarke.

When Tarke sends in for a secret decoder ring advertised on her cereal boxes, it comes with a surprise message to decode. One drunk decision later leads the Atalan to a secret sanctum, where Tarke is named the Chosen One.

The Chosen One couldn’t be more excited. She always felt she was destined for…something.

Turns out she’s late. That was some old cereal.

Desperate to live the glory days, she gets the band back together to upset Instant Transport!™, whose two-second shipping feature wiped out their jobs oh, so long ago.

Can Tarke pull it together to become the Chosen One? Is this all just a bunch of malarky?

Join your favorite ragtag team, and another ragtag team, to piece together the clues and defeat the evil galactic…corporation.

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