Atalan Adventure Pack book cover

Atalan Adventure Pack #1

In a universe of opportunities, Captain Frankie and the crew of the Atalanta Empress are coming up empty.

They’ve lost their jobs, crash-landed, and possibly unleashed an invasive rodent species onto the land.

Now what was once a courier ship delivering tea towels must fight perpetually pregnant animals, escape transdimensional quagmires, and attempt daring heists. Will the crew make their ship’s lease payment and save the world?

Probably not without endangering many lives and many other worlds in the process.

Follow the tired captain whose true colors literally show, an Earth widow augmented to carry heavy things, an unruly, maned second-in-command, and two triplets with freaky mind powers in the first three wacky space opera novellas bundled into one convenient analog or digital parcel.

Atalan Adventure Pack #1 contains the first three novellas in the Atalan Adventures.

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