The Chasing Trilogy

In a zombie-filled dystopia, Lysent Corp reigns supreme — with a stockpile of antivirals.

This box set contains three full-length novels:

Chasing a Cure

To earn access to the pricey antiviral, Audra signs up as a tagger, finding people’s wandering zombie family members. But with time running out for her sister, Audra entertains another offer — a cure in return for bolstering a rebellion against Lysent.

Chasing Redemption

When a new enemy kidnaps one of Audra’s scientists to advance their zombie soldier experiments, Audra will risk her life and the fledgling community’s future to save her friend.

Chasing Extinction

At the brink of another epidemic and war with Lysent, Audra must lead her community in a final move — one that will prevent humanity’s fall or accelerate it toward extinction.

If you like thrillers brimming with apocalyptic pandemics, corporate greed, and underground rebellions — you’ll soak up every word of RM Hamrick’s gripping chase. Start running now.

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