The Chasing Series

Chasing a Cure

Audra no longer runs from zombies. She chases them.

Years after the apocalypse, the cure developed by the Lysent Corporation is an afterthought. Too little, too late for most.

Except for Audra. It’s her chance to get back the only family she has left.

Quick-footed, she sets up as a tagger, finding the wealthy’s wandering sick to be given Lysent Corp’s new antiviral. If she delivers on the steep quota, she’ll earn her sister’s cure.

Audra fights tooth and limb for her sister, but if she doesn’t successfully navigate the new world–skirting both the power-hungry and the dead–she could lose her to either side.

Pushing the genre in a new direction, Chasing a Cure is a zombie-steeped sister saga with an end that will leave you reeling.

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