Galaxy's Most Wanted

Atalan Adventures

Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Back at the helm of the Atalanta Empress, Frankie’s ready to leave her birth planet in the space dust.

Unfortunately, the woman on trial as THE GALAXY’S MOST WANTED shares her DNA and claims Frankie’s identity and its included would-be freedom.

In desperate need of legal advice, Frankie welcomes a visit from Gail’s family – one of whom is an attorney. Reluctantly, the crew pretends Gail is captain, even as she becomes convinced (again) the ship is haunted.

Like a copy of a copy, Frankie’s origin story is muddled as she learns her adoption was not through official lines, but through Calligan Reincarnation Services. She begins to wonder not only where she’s from, but where she’s been.

In this case, the truth might not set her free.

Concluding another three-part adventure, Galaxy’s Most Wanted features evil twins, extensive office etiquette, and a commercial jingle so catchy it’s been outlawed in several stellar systems.

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